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How much will my tree removal cost?

Tree Removal Cost Estimator

Disclaimer: This is an estimated cost and for most circumstances it will be accurate. However tree removal cost is a case by case basis and each persons individual needs are different. For an in person estimate fill out our request a quote form HERE

How it works:

1. Select an option for tree height in feet.

  • Make this your best guess. 

  • Height of a tree has a direct correlation to the volume of debris and cost of debris disposal.

2. Select an option for tree diameter in inches.

  • This is the measurement across the top of where the stump would be. See image below.

  • Tree diameter plays a big role in the total weight of the tree and cost of debris disposal.

3. Select an option for tree location.

  • Front yard trees generally are less expensive than a back yard tree. 

  • Back yard trees require considerably more labor and time due to most yards having access issues.

  • Equipment helps make our hard work easier and take less time, having access makes your tree removal cost less.

4. This step is optional, select a stump grind in inches if desired.

                                                                               What is stump grinding?

  • Stump grinding cost is generally a set cost based on machine maintenance and operator cost.

  • Measure the stump diameter across the largest exposed root flare.

  • See image below for how to measure.

Tree Cost Tool Screenshot.PNG

Open Tree Removal
Estimator Tool HERE >>>

How to measure my tree:
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