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How much will my tree removal cost?

Tree Removal Cost Estimator

Disclaimer: This is an estimated cost and for most circumstances it will be accurate. However tree removal cost is a case by case basis and each persons individual needs are different. For an in person estimate fill out our request a quote form HERE

How it works:

1. Select an option for tree height in feet.

  • Make this your best guess. 

  • Height of a tree has a direct correlation to the volume of debris and cost of debris disposal.

2. Select an option for tree diameter in inches.

  • This is the measurement across the top of where the stump would be. See image below.

  • Tree diameter plays a big role in the total weight of the tree and cost of debris disposal.

3. Select an option for tree location.

  • Front yard trees generally are less expensive than a back yard tree. 

  • Back yard trees require considerably more labor and time due to most yards having access issues.

  • Equipment helps make our hard work easier and take less time, having access makes your tree removal cost less.

4. This step is optional, select a stump grind in inches if desired.

                                                    What is stump grinding?

  • Stump grinding cost is generally a set cost based on machine maintenance and operator cost.

  • Measure the stump diameter across the largest exposed root flare.

  • See image below for how to measure.

Tree Cost Estimating Tool

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Estimator Tool HERE >>>

How to measure my tree for pricing:
Stump Removal Cost
Tree Removal

Factors effecting tree work cost:

The cost of tree work can vary significantly depending on various factors, such as the type and size of the tree, the complexity of the job, the location, and the specific services required. Here are some common tree work services and their approximate cost ranges:

  1. Tree Removal: The cost of removing a tree typically ranges from $150 to $2,500 or more. Smaller trees with straightforward access may be on the lower end of the range, while larger trees or those in hard-to-reach areas can be more expensive.

  2. Tree Trimming or Pruning: Trimming or pruning a tree usually costs between $75 and $1,000. The price will depend on factors like the tree's size, the amount of trimming required, and any additional challenges, such as proximity to power lines.

  3. Stump Removal or Grinding: Stump removal can range from $75 to $1,000 per stump, depending on the stump's size and the complexity of the removal process. Stump grinding is a common method that costs around $100 to $500 per stump.

  4. Tree Health Assessment or Diagnosis: If you need an arborist to assess the health of a tree or diagnose a problem, the cost can range from $100 to $500, depending on the extent of the evaluation and the expertise required.

  5. Emergency Tree Services: During emergencies like storm damage or fallen trees, the cost can be higher due to the immediate response required. Emergency tree services may cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the severity of the situation.

Please note that these price ranges are estimates, and actual costs can vary significantly based on market conditions, and other factors specific to your situation.


Request a quote to get a more accurate idea of the cost for your specific tree work needs.

Our tree service at work
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